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About Techxetra

TechXetra is the annual, national-level technical festival of Tezpur University. Directly translating as the terrain of new technological trends, ideas and innovation, it celebrates the spirit of innovation with profound enthusiasm and is one of the largest technical festivals of the north-eastern region. Showcasing an array of events ranging from robotics, technical workshops, gaming, innovative construction, a lecture series delivered by eminent personalities, along with an enrapturing cultural night; attracts a multitude of people and personalities. Being the largest technical event of any university in the north-east, TechXetra enjoys extensive media coverage by leading newspapers, magazines and news channels from in and around the region and nationally.

The last nine editions of TechXetra have seen an exponential rise, both in terms of quality and magnitude. The tenth edition promises to be bigger, better and even more enthralling, featuring some of the biggest names in the industries, be it academics or entertainment. Active minds from all over the country will battle it out in a variety of scintillating events, and the crowds shall be enthralled by the electrifying performances featured in the cultural nights.

It has been over 200 years since the French constituent assembly passed the Declaration Of Rights of Man and Citizen which announced “Men are born and remain free and equal in rights. Social distinctions can be founded only on the common good.” This in large part inspired the United Nations’ endorsement of the cause of equality of opportunity. Despite this, inequality-whether social or economic- only appears to have grown over the years.

While modern technology is in part responsible for the growth of inequality in recent times, it also holds the potential for reversing the process. Inequality in modern times, it turns out, is closely related to levels of education; achieving equality in terms of access to education translates directly into overall equality. And this is where the power of modern media, especially the internet comes in. With its almost universal reach, high quality education is now a possibility for everyone. Leading universities of the world are putting their courses online for open access. More and more people are taking on the role of educators through the medium of videos, teaching diverse skills and trades. While this might not seem like much, it could well be the catalyst needed to achieve equitable levels of valuable skills across all social boundaries. The transformative power of technology is at work again, and we might be rid of widespread inequality before long.